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The Celia Lobo Academy of Voice (CLAV) was founded in India in 2015 and in the United States in 2005. At CLAV, we are committed to providing an extraordinary education that prepares students to pursue fully engaged lives as citizens of the world. 

The Academy strives to: provide students with a complete and comprehensive musical education through various musical opportunities & areas of musical study that it offers; educates families about their child's progress and development; develops students not just to be musicians but as complete and wholesome individuals; reaches out to those students who would otherwise not be able to pursue music as a passion; AND develops, educates, mentors, and helps students reach their goals in music reaching that level of performance putting them in the top 5% bracket,  and thus making it possible for them to have a singing and/or teaching career or just for fun! At CLAV, students are able to enjoy and develop an appreciation for all styles of music, take up the musical challenges they are presented, acquire a good music education, and are given performance opportunities in recitals, showcases, concerts and group sessions. Students learn to perform as artists.

When a student learns to perform from the soul, then he/she has accomplished the true art of performing, creating music in the moment, and connecting with his/her audience. Our focus is our students, and through an innovative and unique experience, CLAV prepares students for a lifetime of achievement and success. I invite you to explore the opportunities that await you here and welcome you to our family!

Artistic Director / Founder

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