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“The CELIA LOBO ACADEMY OF VOICE (CLAV) has been founded to carry on the musical legacy and journey of CELIA BAPTISTA LOBO – India’s Opera Diva!"

"For those of you who know who she is you will acknowledge that she was not just a fabulous opera singer in her days, but a phenomenal artist. For many Celia is a friend, mentor, director, teacher, among others. To us three children, Carolyn Vincent, Ashley Lobo, and myself, CELIA along with our father the late LT. COL. TREVOR LOBO have been the best parents any child could have hoped to have.  They always stood by what ever we aspired to do in our lives and supported us in good times and in bad. Thank you mum and dad for believing in us!"    

Deirdre Lobo-D’Cunha

Artistic Director / Founder

Deirdre Lobo, Soprano

Nadine Crasto, Accompanist

Solo Recital

Russian Cultural Centre, Mumbai, INDIA

​June 5, 2016

BELLE in Disney's India Production of BEAUTY & THE BEAST 2015